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In January, the Interior Department proposed opening up almost the entire American coastline to offshore drilling.

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Last December, the administration also slashed the size of two major national monuments in Utah , reducing Bears Ears, a sprawling region of red rock canyons, by 85 percent, and Grand Staircase-Escalante to about half its former size, with the intent of opening the land to drilling and mining. But that move opened up only two million acres, compared with the nine million acres in the sage grouse decision. The opening of great swaths of land and water to drilling could become tough to reverse once companies start leasing the land or sinking rigs into the ground, Patrick Parenteau, a professor of environmental law at Vermont Law School, said.

In reducing protections for the sage grouse, which has been a candidate for endangered-species protection in the past and has habitat in 10 oil-rich Western states, the government would be freeing up land that oil and gas companies have long thirsted after.

Under a plan put forth in , during the Obama administration , oil and gas drilling was banned or limited in In cases where drilling was permitted in the habitat, it came with restrictions such as bans on drilling during mating season. The Obama plan also limited construction of drilling infrastructure, such as pipelines and roads, in sage grouse habitat and required companies that drill in restricted areas to pay into a fund to preserve and protect other habitat areas.

The new Trump proposal, which is expected to be finalized next year, would limit that highly protected area to 1. There would still be buffer zones banning the destruction of sage grouse habitat near nests, and drilling and mining companies would have to apply for waivers to destroy habitat. Environmentalists, however, said that would amount to a major weakening of environmental protections, and noted that it might be relatively easy for companies to receive the waivers from an administration that is actively promoting new drilling.

States could opt to keep the Obama-era protections in place, and could also require companies to pay in to similar state-level funds. At least two states, Montana and Oregon, are expected to keep the protections in place, but other states, including Idaho and Utah, plan to follow the loosening of the federal rules.

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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who would implement the revised sage grouse plan, has repeatedly said that the new plans would not harm the bird. Zinke said in response to a question in Environmentalists have dismissed that claim, calling the rollback of the sage grouse protections a gift to the oil and gas industry. McEnaney said. Alick Leslie. James Crouch. Richard Barnes. Purchasable with gift card. The Colliery [Original 7" Single Version ] Our mutual interest in music and our native North East England formed the initial basic template for our ideas and, in the years since, we have had to battle against a variety of set-backs just to keep that basic idea alive and kicking.

Constant line-up changes have led to over thirty different members along the way, which has made things far from easy for us, plus we make no secret of the endless recording and publishing agreement disputes and the overall music media and industry apathy towards our cause. This has only made us more determined in the pursuance of our vision to its ultimate conclusion, through good times or bad, for better or worse.

Perhaps one of the largest obstacles we have had to overcome has been the fact that we have been somehow forced into the position of achieving our goals almost totally unaided.

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It would have seemed inconceivable at the start that all these years down the line we would be running the band as a self-managed, self-financed, self-motivated and self-contained business, making all our own decisions as well as running our own fan club and mailing list, plus much more. And yet, here we are!

And in spite of everything, we firmly believe we have got to this stage with our integrity and self-esteem intact. Now that our four-year term with Celtic Music is finally at an end and ownership of all our own material has reverted back to us, we are proud to be able to reissue our first three albums on our own Whippet Records label, in special new editions, with repackaged booklets and bonus tracks. We have always prided ourselves in our independence, as well as the special relationship we seem to share with our following.

It is difficult to imagine that we could have reached this far without the enthusiasm and sheer loyalty of those who have stuck with us through it all and helped drive us on through all the difficult times. You have left us with many truly wonderful memories and experiences - long may they continue! This special reissue is dedicated to you… Thinking back now to the very early days of the band, recollections are somewhat hazy, although we do carry some fond memories of this time.

The four of us had been in the same year at school together and for a long time had been very close friends.

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We tactfully turned down his offer to drum for us that night, with the promise of a full audition at a booked rehearsal a few days later, which he came along to, passed with flying colours, and was welcomed into the fold. The line-up of the band on these recordings, although not the original line-up, was the first really solid line-up we ever had. Full professionalism was still a few years away and there was a lot of naivety, freshness and youthful energy in our approach as well as a great spirit.

Although aspirations tended to be limited to having a good time together, enjoying a basic camaraderie, we felt, even at this early stage, that The Whisky Priests had great potential and underneath this there was always a driving force and a belief in what we were doing. Although we have to date toured all over Europe, visiting more than a dozen countries over the years, the line-up presented here never played outside the UK.

The single was recorded and mixed over two days. Approximately copies about in fact were pressed and these were all sold at gigs or given away as promotion.

This was the first and last time we have allowed ourselves to be dictated to in this fashion and have always fiercely stuck to our own beliefs since. In addition, the fiddle and banjo on all three tracks are so obviously out of tune and regularly out of time.

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Despite these various technical shortcomings, however, we decided it was important now to include these tracks, warts and all, in order to present a fuller account of our early career, bearing in mind that during this period we made very few studio recordings and, with the benefit of hindsight, we regret somewhat that we lacked the opportunity to have recorded more material at the time.

Approximately of each were pressed.

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The song, by Glenn, was newly written and we had never even rehearsed it together before we recorded it. We gave this song its final title after we had recorded it.

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Within a couple of days of the records reaching the shelves of our distributors, Red Rhino, they went bust and into liquidation, without our knowledge, while the records ended up collecting dust for weeks. We acted quickly and rescued them and then sold them all at gigs and on mail order, but the damage had been done, leaving us without distribution of any kind for our product. To add insult to injury, Michael and Sticks simultaneously quit the band shortly afterwards, cutting us right down to a three-piece by the beginning of With the demise of Red Rhino and the break up of our first truly solid line-up, the end of marked the end of the first major era of The Whisky Priests.

The songs on here show a band that although young and inexperienced were still capable of songs of great power and emotion. It is this song that typifies for me what The Whisky Priests are all about.

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There is loads pf emotion and passion, a real closeness to the subject matter this is a true story, concerning the drummer Sticks and energy and vigour. The Whisky Priests are not laid back folkies with a finger in the ear but rather northerners capturing the power of their heritage and not compromising their ideals. It is either music that you will love or hate, there is no middle ground and there is not meant to be. Many of them are rough and ready and do show an eagerness and ability that anyone with any sense could tell would lead the way to a pretty impressive career.

If there was any doubt about where the lads came from, then this is the album that has more roots than the New Forest. Their first Instrumental Medley is here splendidly played like their lives depended on it. There are 18 tracks on here with even the demos sounding rather accomplished.

If you are ever in need of motivation and drive then these North Eastern lads will deliver. However, if you like your tunes to be vocally perfect and predictable, then the tones of lead singer Gary Miller will upset you greatly.

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But that is the beauty of this CD — its individuality. Likewise, Gary Miller is now able to join that select band of frontmen who transform average into excellence. The underlying theme throughout this CD is the misery and hardship that was, and is still suffered down the Geordie-land pits. The way the tracks are presented though, lifts you up and out of any threatening doom and gloom, into great enjoyment.

It could be time to start jumping around again!! Such obvious talent and enjoyment deserves the success that it will almost certainly achieve. So far there have been over 30 different band members as line-ups have changed and changed again. Gary Miller has written 32 of the recorded tracks, plus 4 further collaborations with Glenn Miller and one with Mick Tyas, and Glenn has written a further two.

They have also written many more songs, which are as yet unrecorded — a prolific outpouring of energy and creativity, which also characterises their live performances. All 3 re-issues include a page insert booklet with words for all the songs, the story of The Whisky Priests so far, in three instalments, and a selection of archive photographs. An inspiration to all of us who attempt to create our own contribution to the global ceilidh. Enjoy the fruits of their labour at a bargain price! To say that that tenacity and clarity of purpose fuels the music puts it mildly.

Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that without the likes of this band, music would be a weaker-kneed constituency altogether. All three feature bonus tracks, sleeve notes and lyrics, making each excellent value for money. Their beginnings lie in a confused mix of raw punk attitude, hard living industrial reality and folk memory. This is bloody exciting music regardless whether it moves you or not.