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Niggers or darkies is what we called them AND they called themselves that. Heck, they still do. The Words of the song were written in a terrible time. It Offends me because it is a word of Hate, pain, and trouble. Ignorant People Took a Word and used it to try to cause hurt and Pain. This author is a fag and uses click bait to argue a very weak point. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Home Ugly. October 13, A song from years ago with racist lyrics?

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I am shocked! Seriously who is singing this song and how old is Paul??? Sounds like the revised version.

Did you read the article? Fyi marrying. Not a racist song but a folklore love song I m Susanna Reply. Grow up Reply.

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I stand corrected. I think the fact it is a song that is taught to little kids is the worst part of it fr Reply. You simply make it an issue and want to project your values on others. Is not your passion as strong Reply. So do not cry for me or Never cry for me. Images: Join Date: Jun Stede, I delivered our boat from Ft.

Lauderdale to Mobile a few months ago. About 6ft draft and 68ft air draft , so went down around Key West and the Dry Tortugas and then headed for Mobile.


Light winds were threatening to continue, so ended up taking a pit stop at Panama City for fuel. The breeze filled in and we may have made it without stopping, but it probably didn't cost much time since the detour gave us a better angle for a nice reach to Mobile Bay from there. Planned on five days, actually took 5. If you will be living aboard in Mobile summer, strong AC is a must. So factor that into your boat decision. Finally, if you care to share, what do you do and who might you be doing it for? Cheers, Lee. Join Date: Mar Thanks to all for contributing some very useful information here.

I'm a little troubled at considering living aboard in such a miserable area though. Lee: I have a pretty good arsenal of skills.

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Mostly in the maintenance realm. I'm a licensed electrical contractor, but can do pretty much anything in the skilled trades.

I Come From Alabama With A Banjo On My Knee - Nursery Rhymes for Children

This particular job is for a predictive maintenance technician to perform vibration analysis for a large company. If you're not familiar with vibration analysis, it's basically collecting data on a variety of machinery using some specialized equipment , analyzing that data, and then predicting failure before the equipment fails, or also providing recommendations for maintenance as needed. Kind of like detective work without the "gumshoe. Images: 4. It was a nice trip as we were underway during the fireworks and saw just about all the different communities blowing them off.

We anchor on the south side of the ICW near the South wind Marina, nice and calm there and you can swim to shore, walk across to the gulf side and have miles of white sand to yourself.

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From there it is a short jog to get out at the pass, just make sure to watch your depth as it can be tricky around there. On our way back we spent a few days at Pirate's Cove. You can tie up to their dock and spend a rough night, or you can go back into the cove and anchor.

We anchored off to the side of the channel inside the cove and enjoyed it quite a bit.

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The Bushwhackers and burgers made the trip really nice. Our way back to Dog River was fast and wild, mph SW winds with a following sea ' on the aft quarter forecast was light chop with mph good times.

No problem on a ketch. I'm curious about your Pearson ketch. I had looked at a Pearson cutter. The boat had a very "stout" feel to it, and I really liked it. I've never sailed a cutter before, nor a ketch. I think pretty much everything in life is a trade-off. If you live in a house, it's comfortable inside, but the maintenance gets annoying,etc. Since the layout of your Pearson Ketch is pretty much the same as the cutter, I would like to hear your comments on the build quality, layout, or any other pertinent information you would like to share.

Thanks in advance. Yes we really enjoy her. It is a and is very sturdy , it does not flex at all like the newer boats do. The lay out is great, the bathroom actually has a separate shower stall in it which is a nice feature, also the galley is nicely laid out with lots of counter space. I have never seen a cutter rigged but there are many sail combos we can use on the ketch.

Historical notes by Edwin J. Sims This historically important collection of tunes represents some of the first and most popular songs ever written for banjo. They are arranged for the minstrel banjo, the instrument of choice for America's first pop musicians.

More than a Collection of Stephen Foster Tunes You will discover the meaning of the songs, their place in history and the significance of the musicians who first performed them. You will also see intriguing details about the tunes and Foster himself, America's first professional songwriter. Vocalists will learn original lyrics and dialect of the blackface minstrels.

A banjo on my knee

History professionals will gain insights that enrich your presentations or academic curriculum with authoritative notes, sources and recordings. So if you are looking to play popular antebellum minstrel style banjo tunes from the s through the early s - those hot tunes that became all the rage before and during the Civil War, then this book is for you. Contains 15 tunes with musical notation, tablature and complete lyrics.

Susanna 2.

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