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Born to Create

The festival was in Utretcht, Netherlands…but I stayed in Amsterdam since it was only 30 mins away. I got there on Friday and met my crew I was going to the festival with. We went to a concert on Friday and I was really surprised how much fun I had!

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I met some awesome people. During the day Saturday, I did a little exploring with my friend Daniele and bought some new shoes:. And it manifested!!!

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Daniele was that guy! He walked around the city with me the whole weekend and throughout the festival and I feel like he protected me.

So much so that someone at the festival asked if he was my body guard!! So yes…the festival took place Saturday night…and it was incredible!

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So I wore an outfit that totally did not reflect what everyone else was wearing. What I wore would be considered revealing and odd. I enjoy dressing like this. Opening reception Friday, February 23, 6-closing. Artists present an array of art, hand sculpted books, photographs, acrylics, oils and watercolor.

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Fantastic art from the experienced to first time exhibiting artists all share a love of our environment, personal growth, fulfilling childhood dreams, appreciation of books and nature. The nine exhibiting artists are Dore Anderson , paint and collage; Scott Brien , one of a kind hand sculpted books, L Jackson , photography, oils and watercolors; Cynthia Lizardi , acrylics; Mish , manipulated nature photographs, paintings; Katra Marie Peck, watercolors, Nart, tech art photography, Dr Libby Sheridan , oil paintings; Matt Sutherland , environmental paintings, including the primary painting in this listing.

All artists reflect their thoughtful life experiences through their art. Reception: Friday, February 23, 6pm-closing.

Born to Create: Stepping Into Your Supernatural Destiny by Theresa Dedmon

Closed Tuesdays. Accessibility Information: Currently, no accessibility information is available for this event.

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