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Make your last meal of the year your most memorable one. After PM, children will be charged the adult price. If ever there was a night for glamour, this is it. Dress to the nines and join us in the newly-renovated Ponce de Leon Ballroom. Gather with family and friends at this black tie event and enjoy an exciting evening of live entertainment and culinary delights.

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Sit back and enjoy live performances, then dance the night away. As midnight nears, raise a glass of Champagne and get ready to count down in style. Best of all? Whilst you indulge, be amazed by our magician, plus Santa will make a surprise appearance with presents for the children.

A three course Christmas Day lunch menu is available on request. Minimum numbers apply. Why not extend the festive celebrations and make a night of it! Welcome in the New Year at our family party. You will be greeted with a drink on arrival before sitting down to a fantastic four course dinner. Afterwards, our resident DJ will be playing all of the hits which will keep you dancing through to the New Year. Cannot make a date in December? Then why not celebrate in January with a three course dinner and DJ until late.

We'll always treat your personal details with the utmost care, using them to provide you with the service that you have requested. Your data may also be used for analysis purposes. For further details on how your data is used and stored please see our privacy policy. Christmas The trick is to choose the right games based on your group dynamic and Christmas party theme.

With that in mind, we gathered a collection of Christmas party game ideas. One of the greatest parts about Christmas is the quality family time. Make memories and enjoy a little friendly competition with these family Christmas games that are a ton of all-inclusive fun. Difficulty Activity Level. One player, the answerer, picks a Christmas themed object. All other players ask the answerer "Yes" or "No" questions to guess what the object is. If no one guesses correctly after 20 questions, the answerer has won and picks a new object for the next round. If someone guesses correctly they get to pick the object for the next round.

Everyone takes turns pulling cards with the goal to be the first to get four of a kind ex. Once you do, take a candy cane as stealthily as possible. Once that happens, everyone else races to grab on of the remaining candy canes. The person who doesn't get a candy cane is eliminated. Do this until one winner remains. Have participants put a "santa belly" under their shirt using a pillow.

Place a limbo stick at a starting height. Then line up, and one by one try to limbo underneath with the Santa belly until everyone has tried. Slightly lower the stick and have those who made it through go again.

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Continually lower the stick until one winner remains! Write down this list of Christmas carols on separate flash cards. Divide players into teams. One person draws from the pile of cards and has one minute to illustrate the Christmas carol. If their team guesses correctly, they get one point. Make sure to alternate the team artist.

Teams take turns until one reaches twenty points. First, print out this list of Christmas terms to act out. Separate everyone into teams, the get one person from each team to do the acting.

The 3 Gift Christmas Rule – How and Why to do it

Like regular charades, the actors are not allowed to talk or make signals of any letters. Every time a team guesses correctly within the time limit, they get one point. The first team to get twenty points wins the game. Pick eight Christmas images ex. Now place cards on the table in a 4x4 layout. Each player gets a chance to pick a card, then try to find the match.

When a player finds the match, they keep it, get a point and get to try for another match. Play until someone reaches the predetermined amount of points to win. Players are broken up into teams. They answer questions from this list of holiday-themed survey responses. Each team is given an allotted time to write their three guesses on a piece of paper.

The judge then reveals if their guesses were on the list and the value of their answers. The number one ranked survey response is worth 50 points, 40 if it's number two and so on. Once all the questions have been answered, the points are tallied to determine the winner. First, you need a host to put random items in a stocking.

Once it's stuffed, tie a ribbon or string around the top of the stocking so that no one can peek. Sit in a circle and pass it around to let everyone feel what's inside. Give them note cards so that they can write down their guesses. The person who guesses the most correct items wins.

First, grab some paper plates and markers. Players are blindfolded and hold their paper plate on top of their head. One person gives drawing instructions while everyone else tries to draw the Christmas scene they describe onto the plate. The most accurate drawing wins! The game and its instructions are provided by Happy Home Fairy. Form two teams based on how many players there are. Place a Christmas stocking for each team on the other end of the room.

This relay continues until one team fills up their stocking to win the game. Draw or print out a picture of Rudolph and place it on the wall. And get a red circular piece of paper for his nose with a thumbtack or piece of tape. Then blindfold the participant, spin them in a circle, then have them try to pin the nose on Rudolph. Mark their attempt with their name. Give everyone a chance to pin the nose and whoever pins it most accurately, wins.

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Hide a variety of plastic or stuffed elves and reindeer throughout the house.