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And, sometimes, valuable new habits: It was the blizzard of that got me started writing at Spoons on a daily basis. Never heard of it? Good for you. Heard of it, but never deigned to watch it? Even better. But whether you realize it or not, you've lived it. In fact, that's why I think this show became a cultural phenomenon. It managed to capture the intense feelings that a random group of people experience in a singular situation.

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Isn't most reality television like this? Actually, no.

First, many center on competitions. The contestants may share an intense, unusual Read more [ The schedule evolved by accident.

IIRC, Jan. But there was a scheduling issue in and I was asked if I could submit my fourth book by Oct. My submission date flitted back and forth between Sept.

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This year, I asked if I could Read more [ How did I do? Well, if we consider "venture" as a word that indicates to go forth, to travel, I certainly did that. Here's a list of places I went in ' St. But, given that I not long ago opined that most people don't really want to hear opinions that don't gibe with their own, I thought I would publish it here, modified to be more generic. I wrote on my website that the first thing a would-be novelist must do is "finish.

Here are my thoughts about the danger of being too focused on finishing. Whatever a writer's natural speed, almost everyone wants Read more [ And Sarah Weinman chose Every Secret Thing as one of the books that defined the "aughts" in crime fiction. Sarah's list is meant to be provocative, but I like the fact that she picked my first stand-alone, which I also believe represents a significant shift in my writing, which happened to be concurrent with a significant shift in my life as well.

The word "liberal" has been twisted so in modern rhetoric that I actually wondered if Fox News would complain, or at least cite 29 Down as proof of the paper's lefty bias. The clue struck me because I've been working, off and on for several days, on a piece about the MWA and Harlequin. The result was a flurry of questions. When will it be published? Is it a Tess or a stand-alone? A stand-alone. Will I tear up my latest "design"? No, I'll probably create a new version.

John Mashek November 5th, John Mashek, one of my father's oldest friends, died this week at the age of I knew John pretty much my entire sentient life. Like my father, he was a Washington-based correspondent for a Southern newspaper. Our families were close enough that John and his wife, Sara, looked after my sister and me when my parents took a holiday weekend.

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And I was just one of several people that he treated. During dinner, he observed how seldom people thank their teachers. He has a point. Click on the above. Bid me up! I had a link going straight to eBay, but I can't get Journalscape to show it. An aside: Who knew there were so many motel keys on eBay? I thought that would be funny, this quintessential Baltimore girl, incapable of eating the region's signature dish of steamed crabs. Then someone very dear to me developed a shellfish allergy and I realized it's not that funny. But, by then, I was seven books into the series and I couldn't change Tess's fate.

And the fact is, I'm not particularly passionate about this local delicacy. Too much mess for me -- the Old Bay under the fingernails, the newspapers Read more [ The Hazards of Collecting September 8th, [This is part of an experiment in which I cross-post here and to Facebook. Facebook will have the photos and text. Here, just text. The next day, we went shopping, which is not as insane as it sounds.

And if you're going to roam the antique stores of West Virginia, it's good to do it after confronting your stuff. I knew what I needed, I knew what I used. And I knew that they were certain objects that I would never Read more [ Killing Tess. This same week, I received a copy of The Lineup, a book in which crime novelists write about their characters' origins.

Mine is Read more [ And, alas, this counts. Don't worry about me and -- please!

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I know what to do and I'm doing it. Video Killed. July 28th, I'm old enough that I've managed to observe most of the milestones in my life without video capturing it, and I have no regrets about that. But I was curious when Dave White, a friend of TMP, posted a link on his blog to the wedding video that has gone viral, the one in which a bunch of very good sports dance down the aisle to a Chris Brown song. Cynical thought 1: A Chris Brown song, at a wedding?

Not my first choice. It's rather sweet. I think Dave, in fact, nailed the source of its charm: These Read more [ Where Were You When. During the moon walk? In the living room of our home on Wetheredsville Road. That's it. I recall being alone, but how can that be? I think I must actually be remembering what happened earlier in the evening, as I walked by, impatient to see the big event.

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And now. Where were you when:JFK died. I don't remember. The Persian Gulf war started: In the newsroom, but I'm just inferring. Every year, I break down the work in process into some sort of visual pattern. For the past two weeks, I've been trying to write around a structural problem in Book Ah, yes, those colorful Lippman titles for works-in-progress.

  1. Die Entdeckung des Schweigens: Vom Glück der Stille in einer Welt, die den Mund nicht mehr hält (German Edition).
  2. A Fathers Promise.
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But, to paraphrase T. It was, IIRC, a weird group. I would like to see what else opened that year. Yes, that is allowed at TMP. Encouraged, in fact. The other day, a man in suburban Baltimore was shot and killed by his ex-wife. The story jumped out at me for several reasons -- it is very unusual for women to kill their exes -- but the detail that really seized my imagination was that the man had worked for the Baltimore County school system for more than 30 years.

Got up and went to Read more [ That old Poet and the Peasant Smell June 19th, Although I sometimes fantasize about renting one of the empty stalls at the Cross Street Market and working on my novel there, as a kind of performance art with proximity to oysters, fresh Utz chips, sashimi and egg salad, I don't really like to talk about my "process" too often, unless it's to mock writers who talk about their process. But today, as most people drift away toward the weekend, I am thinking about my -- you'll pardon the expression -- aesthetic.

I have completed 40, words of my Read more [ I am a dirty, dirty girl. I am Goofus to my sister's Gallant.