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CHAIN OF TITLE — Beginning with a conveyance out of an original source of title such as a government, each succeeding deed, will or other medium which conveys and transfers the title to succeeding owners constitutes a link in the chain of title. The chain of title is the composite of all such links. CLAIM — A right to assert, or the assertion of, a demand for payment of money due; or the surrender or delivery of possession of property or the recognition or some right.

The Closing Disclosure details all of the costs associated with their mortgage transaction. Consummation occurs when the consumer becomes contractually obligated to the creditor on the loan, not, for example, when the consumer becomes contractually obligated to a seller on a real estate transaction. COVENANT — A formal agreement or contract between two parties in which one party gives the other certain promises and assurances, such as covenants of warranty in a warranty deed. DEED — A written document by which title to real estate is conveyed from one party to another.

A defective title is one that is irregular and faulty. ESCROW — Technically, this term strictly refers to a deed delivered to a third person to be held by him until the fulfillment or performance of some act or condition by the grantee.

In the title industry, it means the depositing with an impartial third party typically an escrow agent or title company of anything pertaining to a real estate transaction including money and documents of all kinds. The money and documents are to be disbursed and delivered to the rightful parties by the escrow agent or title company when all conditions of the transaction have been met.

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It sets forth the conditions to be performed incident to the object deposited in escrow, and gives the escrow agent instructions with respect to the disposition of the object so deposited. One who examines and determines the condition and status of real estate titles. Items excluded from coverage can be found in section two of Schedule B of the policy. An interest in real estate that gives the owner unqualified ownership and full power of disposition.

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Also known as a full warranty. The buyer often adds liability insurance and extended coverage for personal property. HEIR — A person who inherits or who is entitled to inherit real estate by provisions of law or under the provisions of a will. JOINT TENANTS — Two or more persons who hold title to real estate jointly, with equal rights to share in its enjoyment during their respective lives with the provision that upon the death of a joint tenant, his share in the property passes to the surviving tenants, and so on, until the full title is vested in the last survivor.

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A joint tenant cannot legally sell or encumber his interest without the consent or joinder of all of the other joint tenants. JUDGMENT — A conclusion or determination by a court of law usually awarding the payment of money or relief of some kind to one of the parties to a lawsuit. LEASE — An agreement granting the use or occupancy of land during a specified period in exchange for rent. LIEN — The liability of real estate as security for payment of a debt.

Such liability may be created by contract, such as a mortgage, or by operation of law, such as a mechanics lien.

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A lis pendens notice is legal notice to the world that a lawsuit is pending. The Loan Estimate provides information about key features, costs and risks of the mortgage loan for which the consumer is applying. Also known as a merchantable title. The conclusion and judgment of a skilled person as to the status of a title, based upon a title examination. Possible hidden title problems can include errors or omissions in deeds, mistakes in examining records, forgery and undisclosed heirs.

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