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The president confronted Pompeo about the officials — and what he believed was a lackluster effort by the secretary of state to block their testimony — during lunch at the White House on Oct. But on Nov. Briefed on a flight to a Lexington, Ky. As he had done so many times before, Trump reversed course — this time on a plan to address a major public health problem because of worries that apoplectic vape shop owners and their customers might hurt his reelection prospects, said White House and campaign officials.

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards claimed a second term Saturday, winning a stunning victory in a heavily Republican state and beating back repeated attacks by President Donald Trump in a race closely watched nationwide. Edwards received , votes and Rispone received ,, according to complete but unofficial returns. Slightly more than half, Appearing before a packed ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge, Edwards delivered a rousing victory speech, vowing to keep fighting to raise the minimum wage, close the gender pay gap and invest more in early childhood education, which he called his No.

Warren, a U. Sanders, a U.

Trump may have personally ordered the Ukraine scheme and this guy Parnas is really bad at keeping secrets. At one point during the party that night, [Lev] Parnas and [Igor] Fruman slipped out of a large reception room packed with hundreds of Trump donors to have a private meeting with the President and Giuliani, according to two acquaintances in whom Parnas confided right after the meeting. Eventually, according to what Parnas told his confidants, the topic turned to Ukraine that night.

The new energy policy appeared to be the latest attempt by the Islamic Republic to manage an economic crisis worsened by American sanctions that have sharply reduced oil exports. Like their counterparts in Lebanon and Iraq, the protests in Iran on Friday were set off by economic anxiety, but some quickly assumed an antigovernment tone. Iranians across political factions — both hard-liners and reformists — expressed fury on social media, saying the price increases would only hurt the people and create more loopholes for financial corruption.

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US stock indexes hit all-time highs again on Friday, with the Dow climbing above 28, points for the first time in history. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Tags: sex diaries. Most Viewed Stories. Mueller was surprisingly chill about presidential perjury, but House Democrats seem more concerned about it. Tech Boot Camp See All. By Brian Feldman. Brought to you by.

June 26, by Jamie Scrimgeour. My husband has been working his tail off over the last couple months. Even more than usual. In addition to his demanding job, he's been been doing some renovations on our cabin up north, with the sole purpose of making it more comfortable for our big blended family.

It currently has no indoor plumbing.

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As much as I love the great our doors, I do require a shower! The cabin is 5 hours away, so he's been gone overnight A LOT! And as anyone who has done home renovations knows, the process can be pretty stressful! I've had more deadlines, have been away at a couple conferences, and have been working on some exciting but time consuming projects. He's busier than ever.

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I'm busier than ever. The four kids continue to be just plain BUSY!

We're like two ships passing in the night and when we DO see each other, it's bedtime and one of is us sawing logs before the other even gets into the bed. In addition to be physically tired, we're both emotionally drained. Which means:. The dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty. The socks on the floor. The full roll of toilet paper sitting on top of the empty toilet paper roll.. I've started to sweat the small stuff. I can say this to you without feeling like you're going to judge me, because we've all been there right?

A gnat, mosquito, bug of some kind is buzzing around her and bothering her, so she's complaining about it, so I told her to just swat it. She visually follows it until it's against the passenger window, and quickly smashes it with her hand. She then turns to me, with the strangest look in her eyes, and says "That was my first time killing something. When her father asked her why she had done some particularly demented thing, my friend's daughter answered, "I don't know, I'm not driving this thing.

I'm just along for the ride! Stephanie Ryan Report. My neighbor was babysitting my daughter one day while I was at work. They were sitting in the dining room, playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys. My daughter was very into the game and asked "do you know what it feels like to die? Tiffany Mayo Report. When my nephew was 5, he offered me a cookie.

When I reached out to accept it, he pulled it away from me and told me he wasn't offering it to me, but to the person standing behind me Jayde Anderson Report. To our 3-year-old son: "What would you do if we had another baby?

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This wasn't creepy for me but when my daughter was 3 she told me she had played with a dog before in her room. She said the dog was brown, tan, and white. I had to put down my husky 2 weeks before my daughter was born same exact color. She didn't know at age 3 that I had had a dog those colors. Kenia Santos Report. A kid of about four years old came up to me, excited to pet her.

Sarah Khan-Varda Report. My triplets once told me, "we used to hear a man talking to us in our old house but we could never find him. Sabrina Tellez Report. My 8yr old daughter last year told me "Mom, I love you and all So I asked her what she meant by that followed with "of course I'm me, honey. Who else would I be? Brandy Severin Report. My son said that Christians are obviously the worst drivers. When I asked why, he said because all you ever see are crosses on the sides of the road.

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