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The sentence, "General Tilney did not regret murdering his wife," is a negative assertion that, nevertheless, also presupposes that General Tilney murdered his wife. The negation has left the presupposition unchanged.


Presupposition differs from implication in that the sentence depends semantically on its presuppositions: they are indirectly stated, whereas implicit meaning is not Prince Linguistic presupposition, whether of the type describing the word's relation to its "world" context the "real world knowledge" every text and utterance presupposes , or to its word context those local, semantic presuppositions that bridge the informational gaps , is simultaneously both context-defined and context-defining. Presupposition works in narrative terms in that it situates the speaker with regard both to the audience and to the utterance.

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Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. We knew better but it was wrong to use a language that named ghosts, nothing you could touch.

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen – FictionFan's Book Reviews

And this is why we came to love the double negative --Vern Rutsula, "Words" The prevalence of negative constructions in Jane Austen's notoriously problematic Northanger Abbey is well noted. Read preview Overview.

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Greenfield to listen to the podcasts. Narrated by Deborah Greenfield click on this link to access the site. This is a serialized free audiobook of Derwent Priory, a romantic novel from by a Mrs A.

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Kendall, a contemporary of Jane Austen. Note: Once Derwent Priory is complete, it will be published as an audiobook, and the podcast will go on hiatus.

Northanger Abbey (Dramatic Reading)

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