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On His Knees

While submissive urination occurs most often in puppies, it can occur in any age, typically after your dog has been scolded or put in an uncomfortable or scary situation. Puppies often outgrow submissive urination on their own, but be sure to avoid punishing your dog no matter what age for this behavior. Doing so may increase the frequency of the urination as well as the likelihood of it continuing into adulthood. Submissive urination in older dogs is a behavioral issue best dealt with using a trainer familiar with confidence-building protocols and positive training methods to build communication between you and your dog.

When you do kneel down to touch your dog, scratching her under the chin not on top of the head or back of the neck may help. A relaxed, confident dog will typically hold her ears upright, which may also be a sign that your dog is alert.

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When a dog is feeling stressed, fearful or submissive, however, she may move her ears back so they lie flat against her head. This may be combined with other submissive signs like a lowered tail, licking her lips or avoiding eye contact. The latter is a sign of potential aggression and involves a dog wrinkling her nose and showing her canine teeth, often with a stiff posture and facial expression. Research also suggests that when dogs feel stress, they tend to wag their tails to the left as a reflection of what's happening in the brain. In general, dogs may wag to the right side when they encounter something pleasant, but when they see something threatening, for example, a strange dog exhibiting dominant behaviors, they wag more to the left side.

What do other tail positions mean among dogs? If your dog turns her head away from you or another dog, it may be to avoid making eye contact, which can be perceived as a sign of aggression or threat. In short, in an experiment in which socialized dogs and wolves were presented with a difficult task, dogs looked at humans, seemingly for guidance, while wolves did not. According to research published in the journal Current Biology: 6. This communicates that the dog is not a threat. Licking her own muzzle, such as a very quick lick of the nose or simply the tip of the tongue barely stuck quickly out of the mouth, is also a common calming signal used by dogs to diffuse stressful situations, promote peace and stave off aggression within the pack.

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Please Sign In or Register to continue. Doctors were stumped, until a pulmonologist asked about feather bedding in the man's home. By Wudan Yan. When honeybees fall into water, they generate their own ripples, then glide to dry land, a study found. By Emma Goldberg. DNA analysis of the preserved birds found in many catacombs undercuts the explanation that there were large-scale ibis breeding farms. By Cara Giaimo. The likeliest explanation is not all that cute, some scientists say. But Narwhal is still very cute.

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By Elizabeth Preston. But some scientists warned of the dangers of exaggeration. Medical school is expensive for everyone. But for low-income students, the hidden costs can be prohibitive. Precision is key, whether folding a humble crane or an interlocking modular structure. So is enthusiasm. By Kathleen Massara and Ryan Jenq. An international research team is now adrift about miles from the North Pole. By Henry Fountain and Esther Horvath. Socially, there is no consequence for women.

But on the field of sport, they stand to lose everything. I do not want my daughters growing up knowing how the game will end before it starts. It takes away the magic that healthy competition poses on our children. So that she actually wants to take part. Remove your daughters or yourselves from any team sports that only want to provide you with an un-level playing field for a day together.

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I was in high school when Title IX was passed, and I played on the second year of intercollegiate women's field hockey and basketball in college. At 5'4, and then about pounds, I could not have competed against males. I would not have made the teams if trans-identified men had been allowed. Those all-women's teams, and athletics in general, saved my life. The bonding among my teammates was an experience too many women never have.

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The foundation that all-female teams gave me grounded me in feminism, in the power of women, and a lifetime enjoying sports and the company of women. When men are allowed to compete with women, all of this will be lost.

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It isn't just unfair. It's going to destroy everything I love about women's sports. We've only had a level playing field in the U. Women do not consist of sex-based stereotypes. Putting on a wig and a skirt does not make a man a woman. Sex matters. Women are oppressed on the basis of our sex, not our 'gender identity. I had started to get back into sport as a thirty-something, for the sake of my physical and also mental health. Roller derby seemed ideal! I'm a lesbian, and I don't particularly like to be around men yes, I'm a rape survivor too , so a sport advertised as women-only and "queer-friendly" really appealed.

I joined the local league and it went pretty well for about a year. Then one day I pushed open the door to the ladies changing rooms to find a young man in his twenties, with long hair and dressed in "girly" clothes, sitting right at the entrance and grinning at me. There was another young man in "woman-face" in there too, along with the dozen or so actual women. It was creepy as hell, and I wasn't the only woman there to start changing in a toilet cubicle instead of the open changing area where these two guys were. More than once, I came out of the toilet cubicle, one of maybe 20 of them, only for one of the young men to immediately go into the same one.

Not a different one- he waited to be able to use the specific one I had just vacated. Creepy as hell. I was thrown out of the league, without any hearing with the grievance committee, basically for wrongthink on Facebook I had posted a very mild critique of this so-called "feminist" culture which encourages young women to reject their bodies and get mastectomies. Head of grievance is a "non-binary" person- basically a woman who doesn't want to be referred to as such. Even the head of the league was uncomfortable with the lack of proper procedure, but clearly wasn't able to challenge the cult.

In a specifically women's sport, full of lesbians, which is pushed as a "safe space" for survivors of sexual violence, men are now prioritized over women.

The Submissive Man Who Isn’t Allowed to Orgasm

Injuries are common in derby: it's a full contact sport on wheels! I'm sure there are women suffering much more serious injuries than usual because of men playing on women's teams.

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But they won't talk about it. No-one is allowed to talk about it. For the past decade I have been a competitive cyclist. My former girlfriend of five years was top level cyclist. We both live in Northern California. In or so Evelyn Hound began racing in the women's fields. Hound started as a track racer but then transitioned to road racing.

Hound is very clearly a biological male, with above-average height, narrow hips and broad shoulders. In the men's fields, Hound was mediocre at best. Among women, Hound dominated. Northern California and the sport of cycling are very progressive. Anyone who even questioned whether Hound should race with women was shouted down as a transphobic bigot or hater. In , when I emailed USACycling to challenge Hound's place in the women's fields, saying that Hound had probably not gone through the International Olympic Committee's steps for trans-athletes, they summarily changed their posted policy.

Rather than requiring all trans athletes to adhere to IOC's standard's, USACycling said they would use the racer's "self-identification. I would have to make a public complaint. But any results of my complaint, including knowledge of whether Hound had gone through the proper steps and hormone therapy, would be kept confidential.

I was nearly as frustrated with USACycling as the female racers were with a biological male in their field. Ultimately I decided to drop the issue. In the end, my girlfriend and I decided to just not worry about this boy pretending to be a girl. Hound was not a man. Not even close. If nature tried to make a man it failed miserably. My primary sport in high school was pole vault.