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The Orb is the only object in the world with the power to harm a god, and since gods weren't created with the power to heal, the maiming is permanent, forcing him to wear a steel mask to conceal the damage. But even the mask cannot conceal the flames that still burn on the left side of that face and you wonder why Beldin calls him "burnt-face".

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Brimstone Angels : Farideh's mismatched Eyes, one silver and one gold, and to a lesser extent her twin sister Havilar's two gold eyes and the horns , fangs and tails sported by both of them, are seen as this by many characters. They are tieflings humanoids with a devil heritage and as such are more than used to people thinking they are evil just because of what they look like. For many strangers Farideh's mismatched eyes seal the deal and put her firmly into Obviously Evil territory, despite the fact that she's not , and this has had a pretty noticeable impact on her personality.

Charles Dickens often used this trope. Uriah Heep in David Copperfield is an Evil Redhead with maroon eyes, bald eyebrows, sweaty palms and a squirmy way of moving; Wackford Squeers in Nicholas Nickleby only has one eye; Mr. Quilp in The Old Curiosity Shop has a head too big for his body. In Chronicles of Thomas Covenant , Lord Foul's eyes look like "yellow, carious fangs", betraying his true nature.

Significant in that his usual form is all but concealed but for those eyes, and when revealed but for them he looks pretty noble. He has a prominent birthmark, described at different times as being on his face or his hand - the latter stained so deep a red that it looks as if it was dipped in blood. He dies saving Roland from a sniper's bullet. In the Deltora Quest series, the shapeshifting Ols must always travel in pairs, and have a mark on their body that they can't get rid of. And when you get to suspecting every pair of twins and twin-like sorts they come across Teatime is described as "quite pretty," except for his eyes: one is blank glass, while the other considered far more disturbing is yellow-white with a pinpoint pupil.

The page image is the film adaptation version of him. In other Discworld novels, transformed creatures including gods in disguise cannot change their eyes. In Witches Abroad , Greebo retains cat's eyes in human form, and the Duc has to wear dark glasses because he's still got the eyes of a frog.

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Way back in The Colour of Magic , Rincewind figured out he was talking to The Lady because of her signature glowing green eyes. The Cunning Man from I Shall Wear Midnight has no eyes - not blank skin or empty sockets, you just can see what's behind his head through the spots where his eyes should be.

Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files has one of his hands blackened and useless for several books. There was one area of his hand that wasn't burnt. And it was shaped like Lasciel 's seal. In Andrey Valentinov's series Eye of the Power recurring villain, vampire and necromancer Vseslav Volkov has unnaturally red skin tone.

In Fire Bringer , the chief antagonist Sgorr is a stag with no antlers and only one eye. Karkas, a serial killer in Galaxy of Fear , has a "crushed eye". The race of trolls in Goblin Moon and The Gnome's Engine appear mostly human, save that each sports a Red Right Hand or two clawed hand, cloven hoof, fox muzzle, etc.

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These may be a legacy of their origins, as some claim they were once humans who became contaminated by their overuse of dark magic. Inverted in the Warhammer 40, novel Grey Knights , where the Allking of Sophano Secundus and his retainers appear normal at first, but only reveal their Chaos mutations once the truth is guessed at. Harry Potter series: With a snake-like face that nosedives into the deepest, darkest bowels of the Uncanny Valley , you can tell at first sight that Voldemort is evil.

His features began changing due to his creation of Horcruxes , and after his resurrection he gained his terrifying form. Peter Pettigrew sacrifices his hand to reconstitute Voldemort. He gets a beautiful silver hand in payment.

Red Right Hand (Earth-616)

But the hand is loyal to Voldemort only and ends up strangling Pettigrew to death when the latter hesitates out of a debt to Harry. Precision, from Hell's Children by Andrew Boland, literally has a red right hand. He also has a catastrophic plan. Multiple examples occur in the fiction of H. Lovecraft : Nyarlathotep's avatar of the Black Man, used in Witch's Sabbaths and the like, the Crawling Chaos takes the form of a completely hairless man with caucasian features and stark black skin.

While never actually shown, it is strongly implied this form also has cloven hooves.

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Joseph Curwen has a mysterious black spot in the middle of his abdomen that is implied to be the mark he received to signify his membership in the local coven. Curwen has, along with anyone else raised from the dead using the means he had at his disposal, multiple anomalous physical characteristics such as loosely-knit skin and odd respiration.

The inhabitants of Innsmouth have the so-called Innsmouth Look, a set of common and unattractive physical traits shared by almost everyone in the town. These include premature balding in men and women, wide mouths, bulging eyes, and coarse skin. These characteristics seem to get worse as they grow older.

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President Snow from The Hunger Games wears flowers on his lapel to cover up the scent of blood. He suffers from mouth lesions caused by a botched attempt at poisoning his political rival.

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  • Snow was compelled to quaff the poison himself , but managed to take an antidote before it killed him. James Bond : Mr. Big in Live and Let Die has ash-grey skin and yellow eyes. His appearance is a factor in making his people believe that he is a zombie, or even Baron Samedi from Voodoo beliefs himself. Hugo Drax in Moonraker has plenty of Red Right Hands; he is Two-Faced , his left eye is slightly larger than the other in appearance and is perpetually bloodshot , his thumbs are unnaturally long and he he has "ogre's teeth".

    Going by old superstitions, the guy is one transformation away being a full-blown werewolf incidentally, he was part of the Nazi werwolf infiltration unit. One of the most literal is Red Grant of From Russia with Love , whose nickname besides referencing his allegiance to the Soviet Union, refers to his unpleasantly red skin tone which indicates the evil behind otherwise handsome features.

    He also has glassy eyes that betray his insane nature. No has no eyelashes, eyebrows or hair on top of his head. Instead of hands he has a pair of pincers. Goldfinger is describe to look like "he had been put together with bits of other people's bodies. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, introduced in Thunderball , also has irises that are completely surrounded by the whites of his eyes.

    In the next book , he uses green contact lenses to cover it up, but then he also has a nose deformed by syphilis. Both main bad guys in The Spy Who Loved Me has a defining physical characteristic; Sol "Horror" Horowitz has steel-capped teeth, and Sluggsy Morant has no hair on his head due to a conditon he developed in prison.

    The condition's mythic relation to sexual virility is brought up in a file on him, and he lives up to it. Former Nazi von Richter from Colonel Sun has his right ear and the area around it scarred due to a powerful gun being discharged near it during the second World War. In Brokenclaw , the eponymous villain received his nickname because of a deformity in his left hand where his thumb is on the right viewing the palm up rather than the left, giving him two right hands.

    All three Chang brothers in Zero Minus Ten have albinism. Junji "Kappa" Kon from The Man with the Red Tattoo is a Depraved Dwarf and true to his nickname, he has a bowl-like depression on top of his head, which makes him resemble a Kappa , a demon from Japanese Mythology. In Devil May Care the villain has gigantism in his right hand, making it resemble a gorilla's.

    Kobus in Solo is Two-Faced due to getting shot twice into the left side of his face in the past. Keys to the Kingdom series: Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, and Drowned Wednesday have all been corrupted and are significantly diminished. And then there's the Skinless Boy, which isn't an entirely accurate name, but is close enough. It has a red okay then, ochre , skeletal half.

    Lord Sunday's eyes are entirely dark. Derek Leech, Greater-Scope Villain and Antichrist in various works by Kim Newman , has a very subtle example that only the reader knows about — his constant chewing of gum and other things is because his teeth, like a rodent's, are constantly growing and need to be worn down. When he goes incognito, any skin not covered by clothes has to be heavily coated in makeup to hide them. The Millennium Trilogy : Ronald Niedermann, the hulking blond assassin who cannot feel pain , has a "weak" face to show that not all is right with him morally or physically.

    Cinder of the Chandrian in The Name of the Wind has white hair and solid black eyes. He also has a nightmare-inducing grin. Instead, he has superhumanly strong mechanical arm , which he hides under shoulder-long black glove.

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    And he reacts very badly if someone as much as mentions his arm. Saint Dane's chilling ice-blue eyes in The Pendragon Adventure remain through all his transformations. The book version of The Phantom of the Opera has Erik's deformity cover the whole face, in that it makes his head look like a skull.