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How often do they use a pen? Do they like to use a pen formally, to sign things, or use it in their everyday life? Yet this still represents only one approach. Make them think that they want a pen. The example in our previous article is one that would still work today:.

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You can try with humor. If the pen is expensive and the interviewer hands it to you, you can look at it confused and say:. Imagine the interviewer hands you the pen and you put the pen in your pocket and say nothing. Like many interview questions, there is more than one answer. But find that inventive strategy and your interviewer will be quick to hire you.

The Wolf of Wall Street - Sell me this pen

Your email address will not be published. Preparation Gets You Hired. Aug What do they do wrong? Earlier in Wolf of Wall Street there was a great scene that showed the basics of answering this question: Jordan Belfort : Sell me this pen. Brad : Write me your name on this napkin.

Think about perhaps addressing the emotional value of the pen. And do you find yourself reaching for the nearest pen you can find?

Sell Me This Pen: How to answer the key sales job interview question

You keep reaching for all of these different pens, and who knows who they even belong to. They are comfortable to hold. And they are durable. You: What if I told you that I have a pen with me that is exactly like your description of your ideal pen? Interviewer: I say I want to see for myself. You [taking out your pen]: Here it is. Interviewer [Taking the pen]: Can I test it? You: Be my guest. Interviewer: You are right.

You: Only two dollars, but for you I will make an exception and make it a dollar. Interviewer: Sounds like a deal. The first thing you have done in this scenario is introduce yourself. Being polite is critical to making a sale. It indicates that you are a positive human being who is at home in any situation.

Politeness communicates self-mastery as well as good manners. It gets you in the door. The next thing you have done is give the interviewer a compliment. For a compliment to work its magic, it has to be genuine. Pay attention to your surroundings and to your customer and find something about him you admire. Genuine compliments make people feel warm, pleasantly surprised, and genuinely appreciated for who they are. This is how you break their defenses. The next thing you have done is tell the customer why you are there, and asked him a question that makes him introspect about the product.

Sell Me This Pen: The Answer The Wolf of Wall Street Was Looking For | Job Interview Tips

The interviewer had probably never reflected on what he hates about terrible pens. Your clever question makes him realize he has a problem: bad pens. The solution: your pen. Interviewer: You say you are a great salesman, sell me this pen. Interviewer [somewhat rudely]: What do you want? You: I work at a pen manufacturing company and —.

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You: Can I compliment you on the beauty of your office? Interviewer [grudgingly]: Thank you. Get to the point, will you? You: Well, we are doing a survey. We want to find out what people love or hate about their pens. They are just pens! You: That may well be so, sir. But at [name of your fake pen company], we take pens very seriously. Pens are our whole life.

When we sleep at night, we dream of pens. During the day, we are constantly thinking about how to make better pens. Interviewer: So you love pens, huh? You: If we can make better pens, we believe we can make a small dent in the universe. When pens work perfectly, you are filled with a sense of well-being right? Interviewer: It makes me very angry. You: So it destroys your equilibrium?

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  5. Interviewer: You could say that. Interviewer: I suppose. You: How would you love to use a good pen to write and sign your important documents? Interviewer: That would be great. You: Here is a great pen [taking out the pen]. Just one dollar. You can go ahead and test it. Interviewer: Well done. The main lesson from this example is persistence. Polite, respectful persistence. This is what it means to always maintain your enthusiasm. Instead of giving up, you pivot from your intention of asking him about his likes and dislikes to expressing your own passion for pens.

    This is a technique you use when the customer is uncooperative.

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    When the customer does not want to show interest in your product and even refuses to answer your questions, it is up to you to supply the conversation. Just ensure whatever you say circles back to your main objective: making the sale. Step by step, you demonstrate the importance of good pens, making him realize that he needs a good pen, that it will add value to his life. Interviewer: If you want the job, sell me this pen. Interviewer: Hi [Your name].

    Where are you from?

    You: I grew up in [your home]. And do you know what I miss the most about my childhood? Interviewer: No. You: Writing in my diary. I had this gorgeous pen.