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And sometimes you even have two written events that are time-stamped as well, like two emails showing up at the same time. The other difficulty is that processing a CMPE obviously has an element of subjectivity to it.

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However, what I have found is that those who have long experience with the phenomenon will independently handle the same CMPE in basically the same ways. For instance, I have tried this several times with the act of interpreting the meaning of a particular CMPE. I have interpreted it and then have given the basic information to a friend of mine to independently interpret.

He and I regularly come up with roughly the same interpretation. I include a couple examples of this in my book so you can see for yourself. So this hurdle can be overcome. Right now, however, there are only a very few people who are qualified, and getting more such people will take time. My hope, of course, is that scientific investigation of this phenomenon will continue and slowly build.

Coincidence Is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous

I think it can make important contributions to our understanding of the world. Let me first say that this, in my mind, is a distinctly secondary concern. Having said that, I do devote the final chapter of my book to this question. I explore a number of possible mechanisms, and settle on God, or something God-like, as the best fit for the evidence at this time. In the back of my mind, I just pictured some sort of impersonal mechanism that somehow had access to the blueprint for my life.

However, as I processed hundreds of these things over many years, this sense slowly grew in me that I was being spoken to. The fact is that CMPEs seem designed as a communication. And their commentary tends to be very wise, very far-seeing, and extremely consistent over time. Significantly, this consistency holds when different people have CMPEs about the same situation. As an example, in , four CMPEs came over a two-week period. Two happened to me in Arizona. One happened to a friend in Georgia. And another happened to another friend in Missouri. And all four expressed the same specific and completely novel idea.

This naturally gives the impression that these CMPEs were not generated by something confined to the individuals involved. So over time, it just felt to me like some kind of mind was communicating with me, a mind that transcended the individual. So I found myself thinking more and more in terms of God. But what really cemented that in me was that the signs themselves started communicating that view. In fact, they were quite clear on it while I was still edging in that direction. For instance, they repeatedly said I should devote the last chapter of the book to this idea.

Case Studies

But as I said, my main concern is with the phenomenon itself, not with where it comes from. I have a chapter in my book on this topic. Only the occasional CMPE will offer a flat prediction. They also told me things about my youngest daughter years before she was born. And this is not hindsight; these are things that I had written down ahead of time.

However, they are definitely not infallible in this regard. I tell the story of a prediction in the book that fell flat on its face. I personally think the future is pretty malleable because of our choices.

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And this may explain why some of the predictions of CMPEs are either wrong or exaggerated. For instance, with the one I mentioned above that was clearly wrong, the signs made that prediction years ahead of time and then stopped talking about it, which is unusual for them.

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  • That made me wonder if perhaps the winds had shifted and that future was no longer slated to happen. Whether or not that was the story in this case, I do suspect that the future is a matter of probability, not certainty. As I said earlier, I think they are evidence for something God-like, something that transcends the individual and that can weave seemingly random events into intelligent patterns that offer wise, helpful commentary for our lives. To my mind, this is a new class of evidence in relation to God.

    We have always had internal spiritual experiences, but part of the value of CMPEs is that they consist of publicly observable events.

    We also have the anthropic principle, where the basic physics of the universe seems oddly fine-tuned for life, but of course, CMPEs are a very different kind of evidence than that. Speaking personally, and assuming for the moment that they do come from God, CMPEs give me the sense that God is truly present in my life. Because of the wide range of topics they address, I get the feeling that God is concerned with literally everything in my life and that all of it is suffused with purpose. CMPEs push for constructive, forward movement in all areas of our lives, as if every area is meant to contribute to some larger goal.

    However, three areas stand out the most: Our relationships, our inner development, and our life purpose. CMPEs seem especially concerned with forward movement in those areas. Can CMPEs tell us something about it?

    Robert Perry on the Science of Synchronicity

    I think there is very solid evidence for the existence of an afterlife, but I see that as coming from phenomena other than CMPEs. It is essentially amoral. No matter how good and worthy you are, if I am strong enough to crush you and yours, my genes will carry the future and your line will be finished. Do we want a God that sets up a system like that? At that point, God is like the emperor presiding over the gladiator games at the Coliseum.

    However, even if evolution would still proceed without any higher influence, that is not to say that God is not a player in the process and does not exert influence at key junctures. Life goes along. People jostle for position, and the ones with the sharpest elbows tend to win the day. But every now and then, amidst the mess, events come together in ways that seem like a visitation from above.

    Robert Perry on the Science of Synchronicity

    In my life, they have been literally invaluable, for concerns ranging from mundane problems to loftier issues like spiritual development, and from specific decisions to long-term directions. I have no way of calculating what I owe to their counsel. They paint a picture of my life, both in details and in the broad strokes, and I try to follow that picture as my blueprint. Both my wife and I rely on them quite heavily, simply because they have earned our trust over time. And while I think we currently are in a unique position in regard to them, I have seen many others experience tremendous benefit from them as well.

    Probably my main tip would be to read the book and do the exercises in the backs of the early chapters. It takes a while to get used to the model. When two similar events happen to bump into each other, something in our mind usually registers that.

    The Meaning of Coincidence | new age spirituality

    The first half of the book explains the phenomenon and how we can learn to use it in our lives. Robert provides copious examples from his own life to illustrate just how they work. Later chapters explore the nature of guidance offered by CMPEs. A sign is a response to your life, and it speaks with its own voice.

    It usually speaks about a situation you are struggling with or seeking guidance about, either consciously or unconsciously. CMPEs frequently have certain characteristics, which I will list here, excerpted from page 59 of the book:. Just days before reading this book I experienced what I now recognize as a CMPE, and that it contained all the characteristics listed above. Briefly, a few weeks ago I had one of those days when I was feeling particularly frustrated about certain conditions regarding my business, and had come to a place of deep surrender of the situation.

    Within a day or two, I had conversations with two people 2 events that were independent of each other, yet occurring within an hour. The conversations, while completely different, contained objective similarities that seemed to respond to a question and an issue in my life. I believe it is possible that we may be at the same stage in discovering new laws of nature at the human level as the medievals were — years ago in their movement toward the discovery of the laws of nature at the simplest level, the laws of motion in mechanics.