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And probably bored of the interrogation, the little chatterbox ran away. But her words left a smile on my lips. Engulfed by the complexities of life and trying to analyze everything, we miss the simple morals in simple tales. Yes, fairy tales are silly but they have the same morals that our epics Mahabharata and Ramayana preaches, same morals our constitution believes in… that good and truth wins, always. In our childhood, our minds are at our creative best. We are all dreamers. Fairytales instill simple morals in us in a way that captivates us.

These highly optimistic tales give a child hope for a good life on the path of good. Now for those who say that life is not a fairytale, here is a quote from G. Well life can be a fairytale if you choose to make it one hoping for a happy life by moving on the path of good! Related Articles.


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Let us share it with you. Amelia Ellicott's garden Amelia Ellicott lives with her cat, Mustafah, in a fine, old house next to a block of flats. She is proud of her garden and her chickens. She has no one to share them with until one day a storm destroys it all and she finds the meaning of friendship.

Amy and Louis Amy and Louis are best friends who call Cooee across the play area to each other. When Amy's family moves across the world, Louis wonders whether she will still hear his call. And then It's hard being an older sister when everybody is admiring your newly born, younger brother. It's particularly hard when it's happening on your birthday, especially when that younger brother is noisy, smelly and slimy, just like a tiny squid. Angelina at the fair Angelina wants to go to the fair but she has to take her little cousin, Henry.

The day is filled with adventures and surprises. Angelina ballerina Angelina wants to be a dancer. Her parents buy her a tutu and a pair of ballet slippers and she works very hard to become the best dancer she can be. Angelina ballerina's invitation to the ballet Imagine Angelina's delight when she wins two tickets to the gala performance of Cindermouse. Her excitement turns to disappointment as friend after friend has received an invitation to something else that day.

Finding Quiet While Spending My Days With a Chatterbox

Envelopes open to reveal letters. Angelina's ballet class Angelina loves to dance. Every week, she goes to Miss Lily's ballet class to learn some new steps. Angry Arthur A boy called Arthur wanted to stay up and watch television but his mother wouldn't let him. Arthur decided to get angry, very, very angry.

All the stages of a tantrum are captured in this picture book as Arthur wreaks havoc, causing lightning to strike and wind to blow. Annie Rose is my little sister Annie Rose is a typical baby sister. Her big brother, Alfie, tells us all about Annie Rose. His love shines through even when Annie Rose is very annoying.

Grandma Chatterbox Fairy Tales Volume 1 by Barbara Hayes - Book - Read Online

Annie to the rescue Annie is very brave so when Callisto becomes stuck in a tree Annie attempts to rescue her but ends up needing to be rescued herself. Annie's chair Annie doesn't allow anyone else to sit in her chair. When Benny curls up on the chair and refuses to move, Annie faces a dilemma. Anno's counting book Counting through the seasons with beautiful, double-page illustrations.

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  7. A perfect book to share. Applesauce and the Christmas miracle Applesauce, the pig, learns the true meaning of Christmas coming from the heart. The Shepherd family from up the road and all the aunts bearing gifts arrive at the shed dwelling of Joe and Marigold, who have lost their home in a bushfire. This story parallels the biblical story of the first Christmas. Are these your glasses? Sergio is a penguin who lives with his father in a small house by the ocean.

    At school, he doesn't have many friends, because he is different to the other children. With his father as a guide, he learns some valuable lessons as he grows up.


    These lessons help him to show great determination and strength as he tries to find true friendship. Are we there yet Let's face it, everyone knows that car rides can be boring. And, when things get boring, time slows down. On a trip to his grandma's house, a young boy feels time slowing down so much that it starts going backwards, into the time of pirates, princesses and dinosaurs. Are you my bottom?

    Sleeping Beauty Story in English - English Story - English Fairy Tales By Baby Hazel

    Something is missing. I'm not sure what. Oh dear; I know it. I've lost my BOT! When I went to sleep, it was definitely here. Small Panda has lost his bottom. It was there when he went to sleep but now it has disappeared. He searches high and low, and finds stripy bums, pink butts, feathery derrieres. Finally, he spots a furry bum which just has to be his - but the answer is surprising! Art Garden, The Sadie wants to be a painter, just like her best friend Tom. She loves playing with colour and finding patterns in unusual places.

    But whenever Sadie picks up a paint brush she makes a big mess. It is not until Sadie takes a look at the things from a different perspective that she makes a big discovery about herself and her own creativity. Arthur babysits Arthur is tricked by his sister into babysitting for the notorious Tibble twins. After a shaky beginning, Arthur uses one of his sister's check-up calls to turn the tables and take charge.

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    Cartoon illustrations full of amusing details. Arthur's birthday Arthur can't wait to hand out his birthday party invitations. But it turns out Muffy is having her party on the exact same day! All of his friends are split between the two parties, so Arthur and Francine hatch a clever scheme to make sure Arthur and Muffy have the best birthdays yet! Arthur's Thanksgiving Arthur has been picked to direct his school's Thanksgiving play -- and cast the roles.

    But all his friends want to be star, and no one wants to play the Turkey! What will Arthur do? As big as you Claude is a large elephant. Finlay is a small one. Claude can trumpet so loudly, the earth shakes. Finlay can only squeak and spurt tiny fountains with his trunk. He wants to be as big as Claude.

    Ash dresses her friends Ash is feeling lonely.

    Life can be a fairytale!!!

    She wishes she had someone to play with. Then a sad elephant comes along and Ash has an idea that will cheer him up. Soon she is sharing her idea with lots of animals in the forest. A warm-hearted story about sharing with others. Astonishing animal ABC Meet all sorts of animals through the alphabet.

    There's arty aardvark, outraged owl, snoozy sloth and many, many more. At my family table We come to the family table, to eat, to talk, to share. We come to the family table, to enjoy delicious fare. Who is at your table? At the seaside Christopher, a child with Down syndrome, tackles everyday life. Christopher and his friend, Lauren, are spending the day at the seaside, enjoying the sun and getting into mischief. Aunties three, The Pack up your games, dismantle your toys, practise your manners and muffle your noise.

    Watch the mayhem unfold as three, bold aunts enter the house of three, unruly children who try their very best to welcome the guests for tea. Avocado baby The Hargraves baby is born into a very weak family but grows super strong, once its mother begins feeding it mashed avocado. Axminster the carpet snake A loveable pet snake at Axminster School goes missing in this sequel to the story of Stickybeak, the school pet duck with attitude.