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Three different colors tastefully contrasted produce a most elegant effect; namely, apricot, pistachio green, and chocolate; or, blush-pink, white, and chocolate. By this arrangement, the dessert will have a more decided character, whereby the whole will be stamped with elegance, which is always certain to ensure satisfaction.

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First-class fruits possess in themselves an all-powerful attraction to the admiring gaze of all who behold them. Their beauty cannot be denied and will be further enhanced when tastefully grouped in graceful pyramids upon rich services in china of neutral color.

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All kitchens, confectionaries, and still-rooms should be furnished with at the least one small portable gas stove, the gas to be conveyed using a flexible tube. Two sugar boilers are necessary to avoid interruption in work, and at least six pointed sticks made like a drawing pencil when cutting to a point.

Boil one pound of sugar to the crack degree and cool the sugar by dipping the bottom of the pan in a soup plate containing cold water. The necessity for cooling the sugar is to prevent it from running off the point of the wooden spinning tool too quickly, as you draw it over and about the mold to form the intended design. With the sugar ready to your hand, and the outside of the mold slightly rubbed over with oil of almonds, dip one of the pointed wooden tools sugar, and draw it along the outside of one part of the mold in fine threads, either straight, curved, or in zigzags in angular rows.

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These are to be fastened or held together in their position by crossing them diagonally, with other rows of the spun sugar, in a similar manner. The edges of the basket, and the base, or stand, are to be formed in the same way; observing that these are to be worked out in bolder relief, to give strength and support to the whole structure. Teaching method: Workshop based with individual follow-up.

Courses are taught in fully equipped professional classrooms. A curriculum vitae will be requested from all candidates.

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All applications will be validated by an Admissions jury. Upon completion of your masterclass, you will have learnt all the necessary techniques for making a whole range of artisanal confectionery. All Rights Reserved. Return to International site.

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Student Life. Contact us. Although already known in India and in China years before our time, then in Persia around about BC before being produced by the Islamic civilisation from the 7th century onwards, sugar cane doesn't make an appearance in France until the 12th century with the return of the Crusaders.

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During the 13th century, Cyprus and Sicily are the main producers of sugar cane for the European countries Honey has been used in fruit preservation since ancient times : its antiseptic properties made it ideal for long term preservation. His "dragati" were distributed to the people on the occasion of public festivities.

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A recipe based on walnuts, nuts, pine-kernels, eggs and honey was already known in Masilia Marseille in ancient times