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The Eighties: One Day, One Decade by Dylan Jones

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Rude, crude, and with a bad attitude, the "Garbage Pail Kids" collector cards took the U. With names like "Potty Scotty" and "Barfin' Barbara," these kids were a reaction to one of the decades other fads — the Cabbage Patch Kids.

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The computing revolution of the s began with the introduction of the Apple II series. Sometimes referred to as the "Model-T" of computers, the Apple II allowed businesses to streamline operations and brought the wonders of digital data management into the home. Learn More Before PlayStation and N64, there was Atari. And the children of the s loved it.

The Eighties: One Day, One Decade by Dylan Jones – review

I love rock 'n' roll, put another dime in the jukebox, baby Get the lyrics to other great '80s songs, and sing along with the glamorous rock heroes of yesteryear. In One Day, One Decade Dylan Jones tells the story of the Eighties through that day at Wembley, sweeping backwards to the end of the Seventies, and forward to the start of the Nineties.

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It draws on his personal reminiscences and perspective of music, media, fashion, politics and all forms of pop culture to frame the decade. This is a big book but not a exhaustive and dry social history.

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  8. Britain in the Eighties was a juxtaposition of militancy and profligacy, a country where industry was being broken down, societies were being demolished, and unemployment became an inevitable lifestyle choice: yet the Eighties was also the apotheosis of pop culture, a decade where entertainment, opinion and subjectivity were more important than ever before. Dylan Jones was at the heart of the s editing the seminal magazines i-D and The Face. He was one of the Blitz Kids and was both a commentator and one of the style-makers of the time.

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    This is a controversial book, a story told from the inside by one who was at the centre of events. Dylan Jones.