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Morris wanted this to be the first book printed at Kelmscott but it was delayed by paper problems. Utopia Sir Thomas More. This reprinting of More's opus was limited to copies, contains a Socialistic introduction by Morris. Art of Walter Crane P.

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The only Kelmscott Press title illustrated by Crane, despite his close friendship with William Morris. The Life of William Morris J.

The Wood Beyond the World (Fantasy Audiobook)

The Kelmscott Press William S. Kelmscott's Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. The Wood Beyond the World William Morris This fantasy novel meshed an imaginary world with an element of the supernatural. The Poems of Shakespeare A limited run of copies.

The Golden Legend edited by Frederick Ellis translated by William Caxton Morris wanted this to be the first book printed at Kelmscott but it was delayed by paper problems. Nicolaus Copernicus. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Nicolaus Copernicus Polish astronomer. Written By: Robert S. Top Questions.

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Load Next Page. The taillights, the coarse blaze of deserted office buildings, the lit storefronts, the orange fuzz of the street lanterns: all this garbage of light had been refined into a radiant atmosphere that rested in a low silver heap over Midtown and introduced to my mind the mad thought that the final twilight was upon New York.

The Overstory

His mother is Turkish. As Hans moves around the city, he sees both natural and human wonders. There is the Hudson, covered with ice:. Ice was spread out over the breadth of the Hudson like a plot of cloud. The whitest and largest fragments were flat polygons, and surrounding these was a mass of slushy, messy ice, as if the remains of a zillion cocktails had been dumped there. By the bank, where the rotting stumps of an old pier projected like a species of mangrove, the ice was shoddy, papery rubble, and immobile; farther out, floes moved quickly towards the bay.

But there is also Coney Island Avenue:. That low-slung, scruffily commercial thoroughfare that stands in almost surreal contrast to the tranquil residential blocks it traverses, a shoddily bustling strip of vehicles double-parked in front of gas stations, synagogues, mosques, beauty salons, bank branches, restaurants, funeral homes, auto body shops, supermarkets, assorted small businesses proclaiming provenances from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Armenia, Ghana, the Jewry, Christendom, Islam: it was on Coney Island Avenue, on a subsequent occasion, that Chuck and I came upon a bunch of South African Jews, in full sectarian regalia, watching televised cricket with a couple of Rastafarians in the front office of a Pakistani-run lumberyard.

Chuck bristles with enterprises.

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He has a kosher sushi restaurant, runs a private lottery it is probably this activity that gets him killed and thrown in the canal , and has designated himself president of what he grandly calls the New York Cricket Club. But my theory is, I need two women. One to take care of family and home, one to make me feel alive. Chuck may not have read C. One day, in January, , Chuck takes Hans to the field he has leased in Brooklyn. It makes it American. The immigrant is choosing his plot of ground, and calling it his, as the original colonists did with their America.

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Cricket in America puts all this, quite literally, in play. It takes him the entirety of the novel to pass it, and he succeeds only at the moment when he no longer needs a license—weeks before his departure. The sort of document that would be crucial to a Chuck Ramkissoon is a bit of a joke to a Hans van den Broek.

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