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Paus-Hasebrink, C. Lampert and U. Hasebrink and I. Hasebrink at the "Familienkanzel" of the Protestant Community St. Nikolai in Hamburg on 22 April Nutzungsforschung in konvergierenden Medienumgebungen. Online Usage by Children. A European Comparison], lecture by C. Hasebrink at the conference "Mit der Welt vernetzt. Kinder und Jugendliche in virtuellen Erfahrung Tradition and Actuality o Domeyer at the symposium "Medienrepertoires sozialer Milieus im medialen Wandel — Perspek What can be learned from the European Experience?

Hasebrink und C. Lampert in Hamburg on 9 July Hasebrink a the the symposium of the ARD. Hasebrink at the Steering Committee meeting of the project's Austrian sector in Vienna on 25 September Status of Research and Perspectives], lecture by C. Hasebrink at Hasebrink and A. Hasebrink und J. April April in Leipzig. December November October in Mainz. September in Hannover. September in Bonn. July in Grimma. July in Hamburg.

Hasebrink of a specialist meeting in Frankfurt on 17 June April in Mainz. January in Erfurt. Hasebrink at the First European Communication Conference, November in Amsterdam together with R. Day, S. Jedrzejewski, P.

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November in Amsterdam. November in Hamburg. June in Kiel. Lecture by U. Public Communication between economic Rationale and social Responsibility. Hasebrink in the context of the eponymous expert group of the European Council , 2.

Medien - Geschichte & Kritik - Zusammenfassung für das Abitur Themenfeld "Sprache - Medien - Lesen"

May in Strasbourg. Eilders, U.

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Herzog at the November in Vienna. October in Lucca, Italy. July in Cologne. April in Copenhagen. March in Bremen. Hasebrink in the context of the bachelor program Media and Communication Science at the Institute for Media and Communication at the Univer Hasebrink at Institute for Media and Communication at the University of Hamburg, summer semester , , , and Hasebrink in the course of an advanced studies module at the Institute of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Hamburg, winter semester Hasebrink for the masters programme in journalism at the Hamburg Media School, autumn trimester and as well as spring trimester and Hasebrink and T.

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PD Mag. Matthias C. Kettemann, LL. Research Programmes The academic profile of the Hans-Bredow-Institut is characterised by its research programmes. Research Collaborations The Hans-Bredow-Institut is engaged in numerous international and national research networks in research and practice. Research Projects An overview of all research projects that are carried out during the current research year. Annual Reports The annual and activity reports document the Institute's work in the areas of research, transfer and service on a yearly basis.

Other Publications Other series and publications of the Institute. Leibniz Media Lunch Talks. Information Available Journals Library System. Information Information about the library. Available Journals Overview of all available jornals. Library System Overview on our library's classification scheme. Uwe Hasebrink Prof. Uwe Hasebrink.

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Research activties by Prof. Public Connection How does each individual establish a connection to the public through media and, thus, change the communicative figuration of the public? The Peoples' Internet The international cooperation project investigates how the Internet has changed and will continue to change societies in the USA, Europe and China. EU Kids Online How do children and adolescents in Europe use the Internet; which risks do they encounter and how do they handle them? Institute for Social Cohesion Together with ten other institutions, the Hans-Bredow-Institut will develop a concept for the establishment of a decentralised "Institute for Social Cohesion" over the course of a year.

Media Performance and Democracy Democracy needs information services that provide relevant topics and debates for society. Algorithmic Recommendations To what extent can algorithmic recommendation systems be part of the own journalistic activity of public service media providers and take the side of or take the place of journalistic selection and compilation of information? Index for Youth Media Protection In order to find out what has to be considered for future developments of youth media protection, children and young people, parents and pedagogues are asked for their individual perspectives.

Do Intermediaries Influence the Formation of Opinion? The Individual Value of Services offered by the Media Different services offered by the media satisfy different individual needs, and thus, have an individual value. Media Usage of People with Disabilities For people with disabilities, participation in society without media is barely feasible.

Contribution of Public Service Media to Society How do public service broadcasting organisations contribute to society? Condition of Employment for Freelancers in Journalism in Northern Germany Under what conditions do journalists work for public service broadcasters? Challenges for Youth Media Protection and Media Education How can youth media protection and media education keep up with the current development of the media?

European Media Audiences How do people combine the different media and communication services and, thus, put together their personal media repertoire? Software for the Protection of Young People in Parental Homes Software for the protection of children is one possibility to make the internet use of children safer. Network-Oriented Protection of Minors in the Media New services offered by the media and a changing everyday media lifestyle of minors require a modernisation of youth media protection.

Reception of Moving Images in Converging Media Environments In the course of technical media convergence and growing crossmedia distribution of moving images content the boundaries are blurring between as yet clearly distinguishable media and communication services. Information Repertoires of the German Population How the information repertoires of the German population constitute themselves was examined by the Hans-Bredow-Institut in a pilot study. Mapping Digital Media: Germany The Open Society Institute with its office in Budapest initiated an international research project on the development of media systems in the light of digitalisation.

Key Medium Internet? Prevention of Dominant Influence on Public Opinion Control of media concentration is a major element in protecting pluralism in the area of private broadcasting. Young Scholars Network on Privacy and Web 2. The Role of Online Communication in Building Confidence in Medical Knowledge Which role does the different communication arenas take in building confidence in medical knowledge?

Journalistic Value and Qualities of Teleservices of the ZDF In the context of the Three-Step-Test for its teleservices, the ZDF second channel of German television broadcasting has assigned the Hans-Bredow-Institut with an academic expert report on as yet discussed criteria for the determination of public value and the requirements for measuring these crit Competencies and Excessive Use among Gamers: Challenged, Supported, Endangered The German Cultural Council Deutscher Kulturrat has acknowledged computer games as cultural artefacts, and more and more cities and regions appreciate the games industry as an economic location factor.

Information Requirements and Information Searches Under the Heading of Crossmedial Use and Converging Offerings The Hans-Bredow-Institut examines changes in the way information is offered, demanded and searched for against the background of media convergence and crossmedia and develops theories for the future of information services provided by German public broadcaster ZDF.

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The German System for Protection of Minors in the Area of Video and Computer Games An analysis of the deficiencies of video and computer games as well as possible courses of action to counteract them. Young People and Web 2.

Tödlicher Grenzverkehr: Chiemgau-Krimi (German Edition)

Media Repertoires The Hans-Breodw-Institut analyses changes in media use caused by the modification of old media and the addition of media. Perspectives of Television Use in the Digital Media Environment The Hans-Bredow-Institut examines changes in the use of television as part of the digitalisation process. Labelling New Forms of Advertising and Viewers' Receptions Empirical approaches to the problems of distinguishing advertisments from programmes.

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Interdependences between different commercial markets The Hans-Bredow-Institut examines the interaction and competition of different commercial advertising media. Federal Government Report on Communication and Media On behalf of the Federal Government, the Hans-Bredow-Institut authored a comprehensive assessment of the development of media in Germany since Communication Modes How do people use modern media? The Market for Video and Computer Games Video and computer games as leading products of the media industry.

The Future of Television Use Does television have a future? Multimedial Exploitation of Brands Merchandising strategies in children's television. Jugendmedienschutzindex Gebel, C.