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This is the story of Alicia Guardiola, a young woman who was unjustly sentenced to pay for a crime she did not commit. After being released from prison she returns to her hometown to recover the priceless treasure they tore away from her arms: Her beloved twin sons. While she fights to clear her name and reputation and recover what is rightfully hers, Alicia finds love in a young man called Sebastian, but the shadows of her secret past cast dark clouds making this an impossible love affair.

When Park Soo-ha was only nine years old, he witnessed the death of his father. On that same day he discovered his gift for hearing the thoughts of others by just looking into their eyes. Only the sudden arrival of Jang Hye-seong, who holds a photo of the scene on her cellphone, serves to sentence Min Jun-gook, who promises to get revenge against his accusers.

Ten years have passed since that terrible tragedy. Soo-ha is in his last year of high school and Hye-seong is a government lawyer who has lost all hope in the judicial system. The young Lady Tabares pleads not guilty before being brought to the trial that will define her future. Before the flashing cameras of the persistent reporters that approach her, Lady separates herself from this agonizing moment and remembers her brief and glorious past.

But this is now just a memory, and Lady cannot believe that her life turned. From the window of the police car, she can see the street vendors selling roses just as she did 10 years ago, and the life she lived flashes before her eyes. Inspired by a Victor Hugo novel. A woman accused of a crime she did not commit is persecuted by the man she loves.


After returning to Mexico from the United States, where she spent eleven years in jail for falling in love with the wrong man, Lucia "Lucha" Duran wants to start anew. But it is not easy: she cannot find a job, her family denies her, and most refuse to support her. But her love for Roxana, her adopted daughter, drives her. When it seems that her path is leading her towards happiness, Lucha is blamed for a crime she did not commit and will have to escape to obtain the evidence that proves her innocence to her pursuer, Daniel Ponce, the man she loves.

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It depicts a universal and timeless struggle - the clash between forbidden desires, longing and repression, freedom and prejudice. He works in a Federal office, censoring film content, and has a routine relationship with his wife Isabel, daughter of general Souto. This seductive but chaotic world draws all three together in an obsessive triangle. Things will change when Griselda wins the lottery and becomes a millionaire overnight. Ghosts of the past return, including her scoundrel ex-husband, who all considered dead.

But her heart now belongs to the husband of elegant society lady Teresa Cristina, Reinaldo, who is hopelessly in love with Griselda.

This starts a war between two women. Despite being kind and enormously talented, his circumstances lead him to become an expert thief. He never imagines that the man he hates with all his heart is his own father. This is the beginning of an exciting story that gets more complex when Angel falls in love with Manuela, his attorney, and the only person who has lent him a hand. As it turns out, she is engaged to the man he has sworn to destroy.

The love Lola and Andres have for one another knows no boundaries. Little did they know that their decisions would bring about the greatest misfortune of their lives. Gi Ha-myeong es un joven que ha vivido una terrible desgracia familiar. La encrucijada de Dal-po comienza al enamorarse de la nieta del pescador, Choi In-ha, a quien considerada como una sobrina, sin saber que es la hija de Song Cha-ok, la reportera causante de sus desgracias. What Nora does not yet know is that she is the daughter of Otoniel Lobo, the owner of O Lobo enterprises and father of Melisa Lobo — the woman who will become her worst enemy as they struggle for their father's admiration and the love of Felix.

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This is the story of Arenas, a hypnotist who can put people into a trance and make them reveal their innermost secrets. He is a man of mystery, lonely and isolated, who suffers from perpetual insomnia, behind which lies a great secret. At the start of the series Arenas, the Hypnotist, arrives at the modest Hotel las Violetas, where he is welcomed by its owner, Salinero with the help of his messenger Gregorio and young sales clerk Anita, with whom he is in love.

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He gets a job at the Teatro Rex near the hotel where he introduces himself along with the wobbly singer Carolina, lover of Suarez, the owner, Marenko an arms dealer always falling out with his assistant and fortune-teller Zoraide, an expert at scams and fakes. The hypnotist quickly turns himself into the star of a modest show. In order to get to sleep he has to meet with Darek, a hypnotist who has given him insomnia.

In the battle between the two, each has his own allies. Arenas has Salinero and Anita, Darek has Castor, a watch repairer, who dreams of founding a major institute of hypnotherapy. The Business tells the story of Karin, Luna and Magali, three attractive, intelligent women who come together with the aim of revolutionizing their chosen profession. Bruno Montt is a well-known Navy captain who widowed five years ago. Since then, he has dedicated himself whole heartedly, with strict discipline, to the education and upbringing of his four children.

But this job has not been easy. Despite his efforts to be a great father, his children still need a mother. In doing so, Bruno, who hides his sensibility behind the demeanor of a stern man, begins to experience once again feelings he had long forgotten. Meanwhile, Bruno thinks he finds in his secretary Rosario, the perfect woman to help raise his children, without realizing her main goal is to live a life of luxury and comfort.

After crossing the border and leaving their native country where they had very little luck, the Reyes brothers settled in a small, but agitated city where they managed to set up a bakery that will help support the family. Libia Reyes is the youngest of the siblings.

She is only seventeen and the joy and worry of her brothers who exaggerate their jealousy for her. The problems will start when the inexperienced young girl falls in love with an older man, Bernardo Elizondo. Ignoring that he is married she lives a secret and passionate romance with him. Things get complicated when Libia tells her brothers that she is pregnant.

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Her brothers ask Bernardo to marry Libia, not knowing that he is married and has a family. Regardless, Bernardo accepts, but a few days later death surprises him in a sudden accident. The Reyes brothers bury her and swear to avenge her death. Then, she will find herself tormented between maintaining her loyalty to her husband and giving in to the passion that Bruno awakens in her. He has built a lovely home with his aristocrat wife, Estela, and their children.

Quiroga has achieved all of his dreams but his life is about to be shaken by his own actions. While he partakes in a forbidden affair, his daughter, Maria Elsa, has fallen in love with the son of the housemaid, challenging the most important rule of their time: the division of social classes. Especially because this woman has never worked for anyone, nor is she a homemaker: does not know how to cook, has never used a microwave and lives isolated from what happens in the real world.

But her new status as a working and courageous woman helps her to become a new Tichi, one she never even knew existed: a strong woman that is able to support her family and do the unimaginable to provide for her your daughters. Can Tichi adapt to her new status, learn to work and avoid falling for her new neighbor, who attracts her so passionately? Can they give in to this budding love they are feeling?

They can try to avoid fate, but nothing will change the destiny of these two clandestine lovers. In a painteresque small Mexican town, near the US border, the 13 year old girl, Guadalupe Santos is drugged and raped by Ernesto Riobueno, a young rancher who has been harassing her for quite some time. There she gives birth to a girl, daughter of the man who abused her, whom she names Libertad. Psy is a dramatic series that follows the adventures lived by Carlo Antonini, both in and out of his consulting office as a psychiatrist, psychologist and psychoanalyst interested in unusual cases that defy him and even put him and his family in danger.

Psy not only explores the complexity of the clinical enigmas but also brings to light the existential issues of modern life, police investigations and passionate relationships. Violence can take many forms and desires which are often hard to confess to.

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From Don Juan to engaged man in the same day. Suffering, joy, love and hate, entangle, opening deep wounds, while giving life to new passions. Miranda Cruz is a young woman who begins her career as a professor in the city of Miami at a high school specialized in the arts. Rosa Puentes was born to shine. Despite being abandoned since birth, Rosa never knew of surrenders thanks to her only childhood friend, Eva Sotomayor. Both will not only share together their years of innocence in a boarding school, but also their love for a man who will change their lives.

These friends will face many adversities in which the law of the strongest will prevail, and in the process this will shape Rosa's personality, making her a strong woman who will shine among others. An oath for justice will drive Rosa to make a powerful family pay for their debts, which they thought were forgotten, transforming her from an orphan into a millionaire heiress After being wrongfully convicted by the Cano family for a crime that he did not commit, Willy is sentenced to 30 years.

Santa decides to will become Amanda Braun and take out her revenge.