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They are now responsible for their own survival. She had propagated the specie and brought her offspring into a stage where it can survive on its own. The penguin like most animals is not subjugated to a life-long task of caring and sustaining their offspring. The unburdening also makes every member self-reliant thereby creating an animal kingdom that moves collectively and predictably towards its expected life cycle.

One may ask the question — why is it necessary for every animal to survive on its own? Why has mother nature programmed animals this way?


The penguin kingdom seems to function flawlessly with every adult penguin taking care of itself and every mother penguin supporting its young. Is it possible to envision a penguin kingdom with mother penguins supporting their adult offspring? What would such kingdom look like? Such penguin kingdom is non-existent because it is not the blueprint of mother nature. If young penguins do nothing to support themselves after their parents leave they would die. That would be tragic and the recipe for self destruction. The survival of the specie is in peril.

Are we humans any different than penguins in terms propagating and preserving our specie? At what point in our lives do we tell our offspring — you are on your own? Jobs, jobs, jobs seems to be the theme of every candidate of any political stripe these days.

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Jobs is the magic word. It is supposed to be the catalyst that sparks economic growth. Create more jobs so that more people can have money to buy goods and services and enhance their quality of life and yes, pay taxes lest we forget. Taxes fatten the government coffers.

Robust consumer spending makes corporations profitable. The pattern becomes a virtuous circle. More taxes allows the government to modernize public infrastructure creating much needed jobs. Corporations tend to expand and increase production output as the result of increased revenues, hiring more workers in the process.

This is not what I am blogging about though. We all know that jobs can be created with the proverbial albeit controversial government stimulus spending. We also know that corporations never stop finding ways to invest in new products and services to spark consumer spending. What disappoints me is when jobs are to be had, people start bitching about the environment — pollution, carbon emission and what not and the holier than thou amongst us start bitching about the social consequences of jobs, its long term psychological effects on people, on families…yadada.

Try constructing an oil pipeline these days and you would be bombarded with endless criticism from die hard evironmentalists, accussing you of endangering the planet by inviting a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions in event of an accidental spill. Try buying modern, quiet, energy efficient small jet planes to replace noisy and sluggish propeller planes to improve service of a small airport by a downtown lake and you will be accused of polluting the environment. It is not impossible to find a job these days. What is difficult is finding the right job with the right pay. It is even more difficult when we lose our good paying jobs.

Finding a job with the same salary becomes a real challenge. Most people hate the idea of starting again. How many people do we know who simply gave up on the idea of supporting his own self become totally reliant to family for the rest of their lives? How many people waste money by going to special courses upon finishing decide to stay at home, waiting for jobs to come to them?

How many people dream of working abroad yet never had the guts to try working to gain some experience? Last holiday season we got invited by a family friend to a Christmas cantata at her church. After the wonderful evening of singing with a great choir and watching well produced skit plays we had a sumptuous dinner at the house of one of our close friends who were likewise invited to the event. What a great way to end a wonderful and memorable event for all of us. Come to think of it, are we not sick and tired of all the gang wars, drug wars, religious wars and all the violence and senseless killings that never ever resolve anything?

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And hey, I will not be arguing about control here. I can only carry my handgun when I travel from my house to the gun club — nowhere else.

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I have no right to lug the gun around for self protection. Perhaps numbers could speak for itself. The metropolis where I live with a population of some 4M has less than murders in a year.

This could sound laughable, but my wife and my ex-wife if I had any will have to affix their signatures of approval on my application for a firearm license. Absence of such approval with result in rejection of the application. Governments and religious fanatics who live for prophetic fulfillment are the main reasons why the killing continues. It somehow justifies their existence, of protecting people from the imaginary evil that supposedly lurks everywhere threatening to take over.

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Maybe our brains could overpower the machinery that perpetuates this paranoid thinking. Maybe we can focus on minding our own business, be less adversarial and be a bit more patient, tolerant of the simple mistakes of others. Maybe we could be less envious and hateful of the success of others.

Maybe we should stop feeling too special demanding extra attention from others.

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Maybe we could tame our egos and start mingling with people and genuinely enjoy their company. It is utterly shocking to learn that women could be banned from wearing trousers in Sudan. The Egyptian government wants to ban the product and punish those who import and sell them to the public. We Pinoys cringe at the thought of such restrictive and oppressive practices of other cultures and pride ourselves with the freedoms we enjoy in our country.

At last, after more than a decade of debate, the RH bill is finally put to law. There is reason to rejoice. The approval of the RH bill in both legislative houses is an epiphany, a profound pronouncement to the world that Pinoys live in the present and not the medieval times. The government needs to create a long term plan to ensure that the momentum gained is maintained and sustained in the long haul. At some point it has to slow down, not totally stop and prudent population control strategy is the right approach. The RH bill will provide the much needed sex education to prevent teen pregnancy and help parents right size their families, to that which they can financially support.

It took 14 years for the bill to get passed. The reason for the separation of church and state in the constitution is express and unambiguous — to guarantee and maintain the secularity of government in the context of democracy. In short, the law of the land not the law of religion is in force to rule the country.

An advocate for humane treatment of animals, environmental conservation, and sustainability, Leslie enjoys exploring nature with her camera and canine kid. In creative writing, she has 10 poetry chapbooks and 4 full-length collections, over short stories, 4 novels, a novella, 2 short story collections another in press , and 41 plays. She works as a writer and an editor.

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She and her husband have voyaged around the world five times, with Lynn writing all the way. Linda Simone wrote Archeology Flutter Press, and poems in numerous journals and anthologies. She lives in San Antonio, Texas. Carolyn Smuts is a freelance writer who taught history at the college level before fleeing academic life to write fiction.

She lives in Southern California. Laurence Snydal is a poet, musician and retired teacher. He has published more than a hundred poems in magazines such as Caperock, Spillway, Columbia and Steam Ticket. Some of his poems have been performed in Baltimore and NYC. Doug South lives in the sleepy Charlotte suburb of Mint Hill, North Carolina, where he wakes to deer in his back yard and cows calling to him from a field across the road.

The newest addition to his family is featured on the cover of this anthology. Matthew J. Currently a professional geologist working the environmental consulting racket in the southeast U. His work has been recognized in numerous writing competitions. A two-time finalist in The New Yorker cartoon caption contest, he has a total of nine words in that prestigious publication. Lisa Underwood earned her M. She received an honorable mention in the Burlington Writer Club Competition. A member of the N. She lives in Greensboro with her husband, two sons, and four dogs. MJ Werthman White. Dogs began insinuating themselves into fiction beginning with her first short story.

When she started writing poetry she heard them scratching at the door, whines changing to indignant howls if their presence was ignored. And, as she studied watercolor, upon retiring after thirty-one years of public school teaching, she found the topics chosen by fellow students, their landscapes, bowls of fruit, vases of flowers, to be not nearly as interesting as a subject possessed of a cold, wet nose and a wagging tail.

MJ lives in Ohio with her husband and the good dog, Nikki. Each broken leg was fitted with a brace, pain being incidental in this context. Now forty dogs have disappeared without a trace,.

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